About Bedfinders

We are Vacation Rental managers who have found a more profitable way for owners to rent their homes and a faster easier way for guests to find the perfect getaway.

Instead of wading through millions of listings, Bedfinders can focus guest attention to smaller locations that have bigger better places to stay.

Bedfinders is a lot like the now famous AirBnB listing website, but more local and more friendly. Instead of an impersonal website, owners get helpful friendly voices and loads of assistance.

The Best of Old and New

For decades we have been providing guests with cabins, condos, chalets, houses and villas to rent in wonderful locations. Now many owners like to do their own cleaning, advertising and guest services. But they all need more bookings. And we also provide extra bookings for Vacation Rental Managers.

So we volunteer to send them more bookings at a very low cost. There is no up-front cost, a long-term contract is not required, our service is strictly non-exclusive. You still take bookings any other way you like and only pay us a VERY SMALL commission on bookings we procure.

For Vacation Rental Owners

If all you need are more bookings, Bedfinders is your place. We are open long hours everyday of the year by phone, email or online. No question is too small, we are happy to help in all cases. To learn more give us a call at 800-385-0208

For Vacation Rental managers

Managers need not feel left out. Bedfinders is also a perfect place to get more bookings even if you have dozens or hundreds of listings.

And we offer some other optional. Services you can't get anywhere else at low prices, sometimes free. Dial this number today 800-385-0208

Join us.

CONTRACT: Because a variety of service options are possible, actual terms and conditions of any relationship will be determined by mutual agreement between the parties as recorded in a written agreement prepared and approved prior to commencement.